Thursday, June 26, 2008

Helen (Gardner) Pearson

Helen was 98 when she passed last year.
Sharp as a tack and whistles blowing
full steam.
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Betty (Gardner) Williams

Love this picture of Aunty Betty. I can remember on an early visit to Graham's Landing, probably my first visit alone without my parents. I was homesick that first night and coyotes were hollering and I was scared. Aunty Betty came in to see me. My response..."You may look like my Mom but you're not."
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Dolly the Horse

Dolly and ?
It could be one of the Kirks or it could be
Bert Gardner.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hamilton meets Detroit (Helen & Bolty)

Bill's Grandchildren
Austin, Jennifer, Connor and William
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Detroit Pearsons (Helen & Bolty)

Connor, Todd (Bill's son) and AustinPosted by Picasa

Amy (Gardner) Denholme and great-grandaughter Amy

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Toby Pearson (Helen & Bolty)

Toby in Africa. He was with a group of Canadians
who volunteered to build housing.
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Super Sleuths (Helen)

Looking for tadpoles
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Super Women (Helen)

Back Row: Kristi, Kendra, Emilie
Front Row:Jane with Chloe, Lesley and Sierra
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Bill and Janet Pearson (Helen)

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Smith Gardner and Daughter Mary Ann Taylor

Mary Ann will recall the occasion when this picture was taken. It was
amongst Mom's pictures.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Phyllis and Hunter Gardner

Picture taken from Helen (Gardner) Pearson's album
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Gardner Creek

Gardner Creek
Nakusp, BC
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Winnie, Helen and Bert

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Dancing Duo

This is Norman Hughes and Hildred (Gardner) Baille doing the light fantango.
This picture was in Helen (Gardner) Pearson's album.
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Gardners Eight

Smith, Betty, Amy, Bert, Hunter, Hildred
Helen and Joe
This picture was taken at Bolty and Helen's
50th Wedding Anniversary
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Bert and Joe

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Gardner Family

This picture was submitted by June (Gardner) Simard. The caption at the bottom of the picture reads "Maud and Hunter Gardner and their nine children at home on Shakespeare Avenue Nakusp BC.
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